ReSe Applications Schläpfer provides atmospheric correction software for remote sensing images.

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The following reports are available for download as PDF files:

  • R. Richter and Schläpfer, D., "Atmospheric / Topographic Correction for Satellite Imagery" (2015), DLR report DLR-IB 565-02/15, Wessling, Germany, pp 252.
  • R. Richter and Schläpfer, D., "Atmospheric / Topographic Correction for Airborne Imagery " (2015), DLR report DLR-IB 565-02/15, Wessling, Germany, pp 254.

Papers and Reports


  • D. Schläpfer, R. Richter, and T. Feingersh, "Operational BRDF Effects Correction for Wide-Field-of-View Optical Scanners (BREFCOR)," IEEE TGARS, vol. 53, no. 4, pp. 1855-1864.
  • D. Schläpfer and R. Richter, "Evaluation of Brefcor BRDF Effects Correction for Hyspex, CASI, and APEX Imaging Spectroscopy Data," IEEE WHISPERS Lausanne, 2014, pp. 4.
  • Makarau. A., Richter, R., Müller, R., and Reinartz, P., "Haze detection and removal in remotely sensed multispectral imagery", IEEE TGRS, Vol. 52, 5895-5905.
  • Richter, R., Heege, T., Kiselev, V., and Schläpfer, D, "Correction of ozone influence on TOA radiance" Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 35, 8044-8056.


  • D. Schläpfer, R. Richter, and A. Damm, "Correction Of Shadowing In Imaging Spectroscopy Data By Quantification Of The Proportion Of Diffuse Illumination," presented at the 8th SIG-IS EARSeL Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop, Nantes, 2013, pp. 10.


  • Schläpfer, D., Richter, R., and Kellenberger, T. (2012). Aspects Of Atmospheric And Topographic Correction Of High Spatial Resolution Imagery (pp. 1-4). Presented at the IGARSS 2012, Munich.
  • Segl, K., Richter, R., Kuester, T., and Kaufmann, H., "End-to-end sensor simulation for spectral band selection and optimization with application to the Sentinel-2 mission", Applied Optics, Vol. 51, 439-449.


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2001 and earlier

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